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iXsound Double Unit

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MAKE THE EXHAUST SOUND SPORTY. Active Exhaust sound Systems for 2009 and newer autos. The iXsound Active exhaust system is a loudspeaker system that reproduces the exhaust sounds of V8 engines, making the car sound more powerful and louder. The renewed speakers have a rectangular shape 14.29×4.33×4.52 in. New high-quality speakers reproduce the sound of the exhaust system as accurately as possible. The sound gets louder and richer. Install the system in your gas or electric car and customize the sound profile on the mobile app and feel the explosive power of a legendary sports car’s engine. You can activate the system via Drive Select if available on the vehicle and of course also in the mobile app. We select the right size for a specific car. Quick installation without welding or drilling, while retaining the dealer warranty. Change car – reinstall the system. We made some design changes, so now we can guarantee better protection against moisture and dirt.

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