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No Tools Required: A Comprehensive Guide to Installing iXsound’s Active Exhaust System

Are you a car enthusiast seeking to add a touch of high-performance flair to your electric or gas vehicle without the hassle of extensive installations? Look no further than iXsound’s revolutionary Active Exhaust System. This groundbreaking technology allows you to replicate the distinct and powerful sounds of a V8 engine, providing an exhilarating auditory experience […]

Experience the iXsound Difference: From Free Sound Tests to Worldwide Delivery

Welcome to the world of iXsound, where your quest for the ultimate auditory experience in automotive sound begins. iXsound isn’t just a product; it’s an experience, a journey from selection to installation, designed with the customer’s needs at its core. Step 1: Choosing Your Sound The first step in your iXsound journey is selecting the […]

Experience the Roar: How iXsound Transforms Your Ride with V8 Engine Sounds

Creating the ultimate auditory experience for car enthusiasts, the iXsound system stands as a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of automotive sound technology. This pioneering system has been meticulously crafted to replicate the powerful roar of a V8 engine, offering an invigorating sound experience to a diverse range of vehicles, regardless of their make or […]

iXsound speakers: the freezing experiment

Winter is near and the iXsound active exhaust system is fully prepared for harsh winter conditions.In this video, Sergey demonstrates how well iXsound’s radiators cope with severe frost, as their surface is coated with Raptor to ensure durability even in harsh conditions.The system is guaranteed for 2 years and has an unlimited service life.

Powerful exhaust for the Mercedes GLE 350 diesel

The high-powered sports car season is in full swing. There’s nothing like the fantastic power of a legendary sports car! Today on the iXsound Active Electronic Exhaust installation of the Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 d. Powerful diesel vehicle. A striking, sporty and stylish design. The only issue is that this car, like any other diesel-powered car, […]

Only from us: sound test before installation

Your car can sound like a real sports car! Sign up for a sound test and unleash your car’s powerful masculine character in just 5 minutes! The sound of an active exhaust is reproduced differently on each car. The result depends on the engine, accelerator pedal, electronics and transmission speed of the particular vehicle.

Exhaust tuning: which solution to choose

A straight-through muffler is the most affordable solution on the market, but there are obvious disadvantages; it is not suitable for diesel cars, difficult to install and the loss of the dealer’s warranty, which is important if the car is new or under warranty. On top of that there are the complications of undergoing maintenance and the inability to regulate the noise level. The neighbours won’t appreciate it.

Powerful exhaust sound for BMW X6

Do you own a BMW X6 with a powerful diesel or petrol engine but your vehicle lacks a loud exhaust sound? Try the iXsound active electronic exhaust! Our specialists know that the sound of the car is as important to car owners as its appearance. Our system allows you to improve the sound of any premium car without welding and drilling: Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Infinity, Lexus, Toyota, Land Rover, Tesla, etc.

How do you make an Audi sound like a McLaren?

The iXsound exhaust system is completely different in principle to classic tuning solutions. Installing a damper or straight-through exhaust, for example, requires tampering with the factory styling. When installing iXsound, the original exhaust system is unaffected. Our high-quality radiators are fitted under the floor of the vehicle and generate sound based on data provided by the vehicle’s CAN bus.