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iXsound Pro vs. Straight-Through Mufflers: The Future of Car Acoustics

In the pursuit of achieving the perfect exhaust note, car enthusiasts often find themselves torn between traditional solutions like straight-through mufflers and innovative technologies like the iXsound Pro Active Exhaust System. This blog dives into the comparison, highlighting why iXsound Pro, with its advanced mobile app control, stands out as a superior choice. Straight-Through Mufflers: […]

Rev Up Your Ride with iXsound Pro: A Smart Alternative to Straight Pipe Exhaust Systems

Introduction In the world of car enthusiasts, the roar of an engine is not just noise; it’s a symphony. The iXsound Pro active exhaust system emerges as a revolutionary product, blending technology with the visceral experience of driving. Unlike the traditional straight pipe exhaust, this system uses advanced loudspeakers to simulate the thunderous sound of […]

Elevating Your Drive: A Comprehensive Guide to Installing iXsound Pro in New Model Cars

As automotive technology continues to advance, the desire for premium audio experiences in vehicles has grown exponentially. At iXsound Pro, we recognize the importance of seamlessly integrating high-quality audio systems into modern cars. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of installing our cutting-edge audio system in new model cars. […]

iXsound speakers: the freezing experiment

Winter is near and the iXsound active exhaust system is fully prepared for harsh winter conditions.In this video, Sergey demonstrates how well iXsound’s radiators cope with severe frost, as their surface is coated with Raptor to ensure durability even in harsh conditions.The system is guaranteed for 2 years and has an unlimited service life.

Powerful exhaust for the Mercedes GLE 350 diesel

The high-powered sports car season is in full swing. There’s nothing like the fantastic power of a legendary sports car! Today on the iXsound Active Electronic Exhaust installation of the Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 d. Powerful diesel vehicle. A striking, sporty and stylish design. The only issue is that this car, like any other diesel-powered car, […]

Only from us: sound test before installation

Your car can sound like a real sports car! Sign up for a sound test and unleash your car’s powerful masculine character in just 5 minutes! The sound of an active exhaust is reproduced differently on each car. The result depends on the engine, accelerator pedal, electronics and transmission speed of the particular vehicle.